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Multimodal transportation is transportation by one contractor that uses several types of transport simultaneously. The service allows you to transfer your goods to the customer’s facility at the most optimal rates.

Specialists of P&B Terminal will develop a route (with transhipment points and parking lots), conclude agreements with transportation companies (if participation of other contractors is required) and carry out customs clearance of goods. We are responsible for the cargo at all stages of its delivery, no matter how many types of transport are used.

Features of multimodal transportation

International trade activities are often burdened by the impossibility or high cost of delivery of goods by one type of transport. In these cases, multimodal transportation is used.

It is used in the following cases:

  • no direct connection by one type of transport between a consignor and a consignee of the cargo;
  • inflated cost of cargo transportation by one type of transport;
  • it is necessary to shorten the delivery time using a shorter route.

In some cases, for example, when you use rail or marine transport, it is impossible to use more optimal and shorter routes. But to reduce the delivery time, road transport can be included in such a chain, which will help to cut across using modern road infrastructure.

We are ready to offer our services in arrangement of multimodal transportation and deliver everything you need by various types of transport at a favourable price.

Execution of multimodal transportation is accompanied by making a special document, a bill of lading. It prescribes the responsibility of the contractor during its fulfilment of the order for the delivery of goods. Having issued such a document, the customer may not worry about the solution of organizational issues or the safety of the cargo. We are responsible for all the above.

Advantages of hiring P&B Terminal

Our terminal is located at the Freeport of Riga. It is a transportation hub that combines the ability to transport cargo by sea, rail, air and road.


Low cost

We offer moderate rates and high speed of delivery. Thanks to partnerships with large cargo companies and competent marketing, the cost of services offered by our Company is lower than that of most competitors.


Convenient access roads

All conditions for fast and safe loading and unloading of vehicles have been created in our terminal. We have all the machinery necessary to transfer cargo as quickly as possible.


Customs brokerage services

We will issue the documents necessary for customs clearance of cargo transported across borders. All operations will be carried out with minimal customer involvement. We will help our customers to save their time.


Quality services

We offer a personal manager who will be responsible for the cargo information support.

We eliminate the risk of fines or arrests due to incorrectly executed documents.

Our employees will make sure that your cargo is delivered from the starting point of the route to the final one without force majeure.

Multimodal cargo transportation from P&B Terminal is a key to success of your business. Do you want to deliver goods over long distances quickly and cost-efficiently? Order the services of our Company by phone at + (371) 660-525-01 or through the feedback form.



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