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P&B Terminal offers services of transportation by road, sea, rail and air. We will deliver your cargo to any corner of the world.

Our terminal is located at the Freeport of Riga. We will provide fast handling and loading of a vehicle. We guarantee quality and high speed of cargo transportation.

Transportation services

Features of international cargo transportation

International cargo transportation has become an everyday workflow for various companies in the era of economic globalization. Thanks to a large partner network, we work in all directions: Russian, European, Asian, American, etc. We deliver goods from China, the USA, the EU and the CIS countries. We provide customs brokerage services.

We guarantee:

  • cargo integrity and safety of its delivery by any type of transport;
  • exact observance of the terms specified in the accompanying documentation;
  • assistance in cargo clearance, high-quality packaging and customs clearance.

Employees of P&B Terminal will analyse and handle the cargo. We provide services for the transportation of hazardous substances, oversized structures. We consolidate and form consolidated cargoes.

Types of transportation services provided by our Company

We provide services for the transportation of any cargo, including hazardous and oversized, in various ways. We consolidate and form consolidated cargoes.

Sea transportation

Transfer of cargo by sea has many advantages. The main one is a moderate cost of the service. With our help, you can send or receive your cargo transported by sea.

Motor freight transportation

A popular destination in the cargo transportation between the EU and the CIS countries. We will help you to transport any products, from personal belongings to industrial equipment, because we have a large fleet of vehicles.

Air transportation

Riga airport is just a few kilometres away from our terminal. We will provide cargo handling, transfer to the airport and loading onto a plane.

Rail transportation

Transfer of cargo by rail is very popular. We will load the cars correctly and dispatch them in the right direction.

Multimodal transportation

This is cargo transportation using several types of vehicles. We will provide delivery of any cargo “to the customer’s door”.

Cargo transportation stages

We transport cargo in several stages:

  • cargo handling;
  • route planning and transport selection;
  • issue of accompanying documents;
  • loading, passing the customs control;
  • transfer of cargo to a facility.

Advantages of hiring P&B Terminal

We have extensive experience in cargo transportation in Europe and Russia. Even at the stage of cargo handling, we select the optimal route in order to reduce the risk of force majeure and to ensure the most profitable transportation for a customer.


Low cost

We offer moderate rates and high speed of delivery. Thanks to partnerships with large cargo companies and competent marketing, the cost of services offered by our Company is lower than that of most competitors.


Convenient access roads

All conditions for fast and safe loading and unloading of vehicles have been created in our terminal. We have all the machinery necessary to transfer cargo as quickly as possible.


Customs brokerage services

We will issue the documents necessary for customs clearance of cargo transported across borders. All operations will be carried out with minimal customer involvement. We will help our customers to save their time.


Quality services

We offer a personal manager who will be responsible for the cargo information support.

P&B Terminal provides transportation services to all popular destinations. Do you want to order cargo transportation or do you have questions? We will be happy to answer them by phone, just contact us right now!