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Quality packaging is a guarantee that a cargo will be delivered intact from point A to point B. If we are talking about a large consignment of goods, then companies resort to cargo palletizing for the most comfortable, profitable and reliable transportation.

A pallet is a wooden, metal or plastic product whereon a consignment of goods is stacked and wrapped with stretch film. With correct approach, this packaging option reduces the cargo volume, which reduces the cost of transportation, eliminates damage, deformation and loss.

As a rule, palletizing services are relevant in the case of a large consignment of goods, which is impossible to load and unload manually every time. Pallets are perfect for the transfer of any product by road and facilitate handling operations.

Significance of quality cargo packaging

It is not enough to just place a cargo on pallets. It shall be additionally wrapped in packaging material and also labelled. The following consumables are mainly used:

  • stretch film;
  • air bubble film;
  • strapping tapes;
  • heat-shrink film;
  • scotch tape.

The listed products are dense enough to protect the goods from accidents, useful and cheap. Packing of goods on a pallet protects them from moisture and liquid penetration additionally, and not only from mechanical effects. It is clearly visible which products are placed on a pallet due to the transparency of a film.

In some cases, it is possible to combine pallets if products are too oversized. You can be sure that the cargo is securely fastened to a pallet using additional ties.

How is cargo handled?

Competent palletizing of goods allows you to transport products over long distances fearlessly. The safety of products and, accordingly, your money depends on the responsibility of employees of a transportation company. Being engaged in the field of loading, packaging and unloading various kinds of products for more than one year, we guarantee reliable palletizing of products.

To perform handling operations on a high quality level, we use both manual labour and modern machinery and equipment. P&B Terminal is equipped with nine loaders capable of lifting loads weighing up to 2.5 tons.


Placement of an order will take only 5 minutes

You just need to contact us and arrange the service. We will start working with pallets after their delivery to the warehouse complex. We will complete all the work in the shortest possible time.


High professionalism

Thanks to the extensive experience of our employees, we are ready to fulfil orders of any complexity. We will load the goods, taking into account the vehicle on which the goods will be transported further.


Automated operations

Most of the actions are carried out using the special machinery and equipment that accelerates this process. This minimizes the risk of poor quality work and reduces the cost of our Company’s services.

We know what happens to customers’ goods during transportation, so we do the job conscientiously, following the most stringent requirements for speed, care and product layout. Any unaccepted outcomes of events are excluded.