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The cargo shall be sorted after it is delivered to the terminal. This is necessary in order to distribute the goods within the warehouse according to certain criteria: category, packaging, place of transportation, etc.

The cargo sorting in the warehouse allows quick correction of errors (lack of packaging, or incorrect delivery address), as well as informing the customer about the status of an order.

Process of cargo sorting on pallets

Pallets are products that facilitate the transportation of products significantly. Cargo arriving at warehouses, as a rule, requires sorting of mixed pallets, taking the goods apart and formation of consignments along the delivery route. During sorting, the cargo is recorded, its characteristics and storage requirements are determined, in order to pack the goods on pallets later reliably and send them to the desired area of ​​the warehouse.

Sorting of goods on pallets is important to avoid delays in shipping. Thus, the P&B Terminal sorting system is closely integrated with the warehouse management system. The employees know what, when and in what quantity should be shipped. There would be real chaos without modern accounting technologies: goods from different customers would be transferred to carriers in a chaotic manner without clear deadlines, and employees would have no idea what products are still in the warehouses.

Some cargoes are demanding on storage conditions, for example, they cannot tolerate high humidity. Thanks to the pallet sorting and labelling, specialists can take care of such products: they will transport the products to the warehouse with a suitable microclimate, and then dispatch the as soon as possible.

When it is time for shipment, the employment of P&B Terminal collect goods from different warehouse areas and form a consignment for a specific consignee.

Sorting process automation

We have implemented modern automation systems for all warehouse processes, which provide the following advantages:

  • multiple increase in performance efficiency;
  • minimization of delays;
  • reduction of costs and, accordingly, rates.

Pallets are sorted on conveyors using special mechanisms. It is aimed at improving the quality of customer service, ensuring the rational use of the warehouse space and the smooth execution of standard operations in the warehouses of the transportation terminal.


Placement of an order will take only 5 minutes

You just need to contact us and arrange the service. We will start working with pallets after their delivery to the warehouse complex. We will complete all the work in the shortest possible time.


High professionalism

Thanks to the extensive experience of our employees, we are ready to fulfil orders of any complexity. We will load the goods, taking into account the vehicle on which the goods will be transported further.


Automated operations

Most of the actions are carried out using the special machinery and equipment that accelerates this process. This minimizes the risk of poor quality work and reduces the cost of our Company’s services.



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