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The operations of transportation terminals are not limited to handling operations, since a responsible company will always take care of the integrity of your cargo and, if necessary, repack it. We offer high-quality repacking of goods on pallets, which will exclude damage and spoilage.

The safety of the cargo depends on reliable packaging, and the success of your business depends on the safety. The employees of P&B Terminal are aware of this, therefore they will not allow your products to become worthless. Professional handling of goods will not only protect them from moisture and damage, but also facilitate the process of further transportation.

What cases may it be necessary to repack a cargo on pallets in?

During transportation, various force majeure situations occur when the goods require repackaging. The main ones are as follows:

  • previous packaging is damaged;
  • some products have started to deteriorate, so they need to be excluded from the delivery;
  • a need to form new consignments of goods arose.

The experienced employees of P&B Terminal will repack the pallets as soon as possible and transfer the cargo to a carrier promptly.

What does a repacking process mean?

To protect the goods and to prevent external effects and loss, warehouse packaging is used. This is stretch film, which secures a cargo on a pallet reliably, and scotch tape for keeping products of any shape and size together. Despite the cheapness of these materials, they are durable and useful. The high density of the film prevents liquids from getting in.

Experts will evaluate your cargo, reject damaged products, if any, sort the goods and re-assemble and pack them. Products are repacked in the warehouse, whereafter they can be kept for safe storage or be handed over to a carrier.


Placement of an order will take only 5 minutes

You just need to contact us and arrange the service. We will start working with pallets after their delivery to the warehouse complex. We will complete all the work in the shortest possible time.


High professionalism

Thanks to the extensive experience of our employees, we are ready to fulfil orders of any complexity. We will load the goods, taking into account the vehicle on which the goods will be transported further.


Automated operations

Most of the actions are carried out using the special machinery and equipment that accelerates this process. This minimizes the risk of poor quality work and reduces the cost of our Company’s services.

After our pallet packing, you can be sure that the goods will reach you or your business partner perfectly safe and on time. Nine loaders, with a lifting capacity of up to 2.5 tons, and automated packing lines will cope with any task perfectly.

We guarantee the safety of a cargo (all our premises are equipped with a CCTV monitoring system and round-the-clock security) and are ready to provide additional logistics services for your convenience.



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