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Goods can go through more than one transit point during their transportation. Sometimes, products travel halfway around the world and make a large number of “stops” before reaching their end consumer.

Pallets are labelled to automate and coordinate the operations of transportation terminals and eliminate mistakes during cargo handling. This service involves sticking labels on pallets with all sorts of information. These data helps to identify the consignment among the rest of the cargo easily and quickly, which simplifies and speeds up the work of employees significantly.

How are pallets marked?

Incoming products are labelled with a conventional self-adhesive thermal transfer sticker, usually of A4 (210 x 297 mm) format. However, there are no strict requirements for the size of pallet labels.

After the cargo has been placed on pallets and packed, P&B Terminal employees shall stick a label without which further movement of the cargo is not possible. Thanks to the information indicated on the label, the goods will not be lost and will not stay at the terminal definitely: they will be transferred to the desired point in the warehouse for safe storage or transferred to a carrier on time.

Correct pallet labelling is a guarantee of timely cargo handling

A pallet label may contain the following information:

  • barcode;
  • product name;
  • product shelf life;
  • supplier’s information;
  • consignee’s information;
  • pallet number, if there are dissimilar goods in a consignment;
  • number of product units, etc.

Transportation companies decide on their own how to keep records of the arrived cargo and identify it among other goods stored in their warehouses. Specialists of P&B Terminal have developed a pallet labelling system that allows us to handle products quickly and efficiently. The influence of the human factor is nullified, therefore errors and delays in the course of our operations are excluded.

Pallet labelling is a reliable and cost-efficient way to identify cargo in warehouses, which is the key one in the Just-in-time system. Logistics requires complete, correct and timely information about the cargo, which is just provided by a pallet label.


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Pallet handling is an important and responsible operation that requires the experience of employees and the availability of the necessary machinery and equipment. Customers of P&B Terminal receive quality service at the most affordable prices.

You need just contact a trusted company to reduce your costs and optimize your transportation services. We palletize, sort and repack pallets. We will load and unload your vehicles. We will help with paperwork to be done, if you transport your goods across the border. We will be happy to answer all your questions!