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There is a complex logistic process before a cargo reaches its final consumer. A cargo is handled at the terminals, where it is packed and repackaged, during transportation.

We offer both palletizing and depalletizing services. If in the first case, the goods of our customers are fixed on practical pallets for convenient transportation, in the second case, the cargo shall, on the contrary, be removed from the pallets.

Modern depalletizing systems for fast and high quality work

The service of pallet unpacking has long been standard at transport terminals. Previously, it was done exclusively by manual labour, which was time-consuming and financially expensive. Today, robotic systems help our specialists in many ways. Due to the use of machines, the permissible volume of cargo and its weight have increased significantly, while handling times and rates have decreased. We can handle products of almost any size.

The accurate removal of goods from the shipping pallet is guaranteed during unpacking of the goods carried out by automatic systems under the supervision of a professional. Modern systems of P&B Terminal allow us to perform the following works quickly:

  • unpacking of pallets;
  • preparation of products for delivery directly to a production line or to points of sale of goods;
  • loading of unpacked products in the warehouse of P&B Terminal.

We value your time, so our staff consists of professionals of their craft only. The terminal operations are designed so that delays are reduced to zero.

Safe storage of cargoes in the warehouse after removal thereof from pallets

The transfer of a cargo within the Company’s warehouses is provided by nine loader trucks, the maximum carrying capacity of which is 2.5 tons. The machines are equipped with removable attachments, thanks to which it is possible to handle any cargo.

Our Company employs professionals of their craft only. Specialists will monitor the preservation of product quality, excluding its breakage, deformation and damage.


Convenient services

It is enough to contact us and choose the type of a service you need and we will do the rest.


Professionalism of employees

Our experienced staff will perform work of any complexity. The necessary machinery and equipment are available to automate container handling processes.


Affordable rates

We provide the most favourable rates for companies involved in international cargo transportation, so you can increase your profits with our help.

After depalletizing, a cargo is moved either to a vehicle or to our Company’s warehouse. In the second case, our employees will take care of its safe storage and round-the-clock security. The entire process of cargo transportation and palletizing and depalletizing requires well-established logistics and the availability of the necessary machinery. Otherwise, all delivery deadlines will be missed, and the products will be damaged.



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