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Pallet transportation is in demand today for international and domestic destinations of cargo transfer. Placement of batches on special platforms reduces the risk of destruction of goods during transportation. Also, pallets are used for fast unloading, transfer and loading of goods.

Applying to P&B Terminal, you can order a pallet handling service at a favourable cost. We will perform the work efficiently and in a short time.

Pallet handling

We provide the following pallet handling services

Features of pallet handling

Pallets are shipping skids made of wood or plastic on which batches of products are formed. They increase the convenience for the transfer of goods with special loaders. Palletizing is carried out using special equipment. In our Company, you can order such a service for different types of goods.

Pallet handling is a comprehensive service that includes the following:

  • palletizing, which is creation of a cargo transport unit, stacking of goods on pallets, taking into account the size and other nuances;
  • depalletizing, which is unloading of the items loaded by the specialists of our Company;
  • labelling, which is application of information on a cargo and its owner using a waterproof paint or marking;
  • repackaging, which is replacement of damaged packaging, placement of a cargo on another pallet;
  • sorting, which is placement of goods in a warehouse according to their parameters;
  • pallet repair, which is replacement of out-of-order elements with new ones, reinforcement of a structure for the possibility of further use;
  • pallet biotreatment, which is fumigation to protect against insects, small rodents and fungi.

Advantages of hiring our Company

Our terminal is located at the Freeport of Riga. We handle cargoes received by sea, road and rail. We carry out cargo transportation all popular directions due to the favourable location and partnership with the largest carriers.


Placement of an order will take only 5 minutes

You just need to contact us and arrange the service. We will start working with pallets after their delivery to the warehouse complex. We will complete all the work in the shortest possible time.


High professionalism

Thanks to the extensive experience of our employees, we are ready to fulfil orders of any complexity. We will load the goods, taking into account the vehicle on which the goods will be transported further.


Automated operations

Most of the actions are carried out using the special machinery and equipment that accelerates this process. This minimizes the risk of poor quality work and reduces the cost of our Company’s services.

Pallet handling is an important and responsible operation that requires the experience of employees and the availability of the necessary machinery and equipment. Customers of P&B Terminal receive quality service at the most affordable prices.

You need just contact a trusted company to reduce your costs and optimize your transportation services. We palletize, sort and repack pallets. We will load and unload your vehicles. We will help with paperwork to be done, if you transport your goods across the border. We will be happy to answer all your questions!



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