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We provide freight forwarding services. Our company’s experienced experts will follow timely deliveries and preserve the customer’s products. We will resolve all difficulties and force majeure situations that may arise along the way. We will help you avoid unforeseen situations and guarantee high-quality order fulfillment.

When is freight forwarding needed?

Freight forwarder — company official representative — freight carrier. He fully controls the transportation process and guarantees a high quality of service. If necessary, he will inform the owner of the product about its condition until the consignee receives the cargo. All the employees of our company, who are involved in freight forwarding, have a lot of experience and the necessary skills.

Time is a non-renewable resource that is undesirable to spend on cargo personally. For this purpose, we are ready to provide specially trained employees of our company. We will release you from personal presence and cargo movement control. All worries about your products will be put up on the shoulders of professionals.

The responsibilities of our company’s employees include:

  • preparation of documentation or its inspection after receipt from the customer;
  • ensuring cargo control, proper handling during transportation;
  • route selection and changes, if necessary;
  • supervision of cargo unloading upon receipt of the consignee’s goods;
  • product quality inspection, elimination of factors that affect its deterioration;
  • customs clearance and speeding up controls.

Freight forwarding services are especially important when ordering consolidated and international freight. A professional of our company will participate in customs procedures and promptly resolve all issues related to customs clearance.

Advantages of our company’s freight forwarding services

At first glance, it seems that freight forwarding services are not very complicated. The loading was checked, the goods were delivered to the consignee and checked for their presence after unloading … But in reality, this is not so, not all the issues resolved by the freight forwarder. It is important to understand that there are many tasks at each stage that require immediate solution. Even the most adapted mechanism can break during operation. But if you need to control hundreds of processes, then you can’t do without a specially trained person.

By ordering a forwarding service in our company, you will get the following benefits.


Freight transport security

We will help to collect all the necessary documentation and insure the cargo. Experienced experts of our company will get rid of force majeure situations during the transportation of your cargo.


Delivery time savings

We study in advance the route and possible difficulties that need to be resolved during the transportation of goods. We understand well that delivery times play an important role in a successful business.


Reduction of transportation costs

We will select the vehicle according to the type of cargo, the value of cargo transportation and other criteria. We are interested in our customers being able to save money and receive an additional bonus by contacting us.


Acceptable tariffs

We offer the most affordable tariffs for freight forwarding services. By contacting our company again, we are ready to provide discounts.

In some cases, the driver acts as a freight forwarder. However, when using other modes of transport, such tasks must be carried out by other persons. If you need to ensure the preservation and safety of cargo throughout its transportation, use our services.

Customers have been using our company’s freight forwarding services for many years. We guarantee that there will be no damage to the goods and the cargo will be delivered in proper condition. Freight forwarding costs in our company are at an affordable level.