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Cargo transportation and unloading thereof are different services that can be performed by completely different companies. It is important to know this in order to think over the entire route of cargo transfer in advance. If you may need to unload containers during transportation, our Company is ready to help you quickly.

During the unloading of goods, the task is often posed to complete the cargo, if we are talking about multimodal cargo transportation. It is important that a contractor checks the condition of containers and documents any transportation violations, if any, prior to unloading.

Container unloading

Crucial points before container unloading containers

According to the rules of transportation companies, a container shall be inspected before being removed from a platform. Our specialist will conduct a thorough analysis of the condition of a cargo block, including the following:

  • checking the integrity of seals and verifying the documentation provided thereon;
  • assessing the integrity of locks and a container as a whole (compression marks and any damage are not acceptable);
  • examining the labelling of a container and correlating the information with the data indicated in the documents.

Each cargo is always accompanied by the goods layout plan inside a container. If the placement of some elements is violated, it means that a carrier has not coped with its tasks.

Container cargo unloading process

Direct unloading begins after all the data are verified. The terminal of P&B Terminal is equipped with machinery, with a lifting capacity of up to 40 tons, as well as a loader, unique in Latvia, which can be operated inside containers. It is important to note that it is not always possible to unload a container with a crane. If we are dealing with fragile and piece goods, then the work is performed manually only by our careful and responsible employees.

The dimensions of containers do not matter: they can be 20-, 40- or even 80-foot containers. The technical equipment of the terminal guarantees fast cargo handling and the provision of related transportation services for all types of products. We will unload pallets, bags, products vulnerable to moisture, bulk materials, perishables and sawn timber in a short time to ensure their timely shipment to a consignee. A cargo will be unloaded from a container in accordance with all the rules: we will note the available comments and perform stock-taking of the goods received.


Convenience for our customers

Contact the managers of our Company and place an order. Provide the documents and your cargo to the employees of our Company, and we will take care of the rest. We will prepare documents as soon as possible.


High professionalism

The employees of our Company have extensive experience, which helps us to accomplish tasks of any complexity. We will help you to save money in the cargo transporting across the border.


Moderate rates

The cost of services provide by our Company is at the most affordable level. We will help companies engaged in international cargo transportation to optimize the costs of cargo customs clearance.



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