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It is important to follow a number of rules in the container loading so that a cargo reaches its destination safe. First, you need to prepare a block itself and pack the goods securely, and only after that you can start loading and assembling the products.

Container loading

How are loading operations carried out?

Many different types of cargo pass through the terminal of P&B Terminal, including bulky, fragile, loose, perishable and others. We provide fast loading of a container of any size due to the availability of all the necessary unloading and loading machinery. Our specialists will draw up the cargo layout inside a container and make sure that the goods are securely and firmly fixed. Product shifting during transport is unacceptable.

The lifting capacity of our machinery is 40 tons; therefore, we can manage 20-, 40- or even 80-foot containers. There is a special loader, unique for Latvia, capable of transporting up to 16 tons at a time. Some products (fragile and piece) shall be loaded manually only in order to avoid all sorts of troubles. You can completely trust our specialists, who know perfectly how to handle this or that cargo in the course of many years of work.

Rules for goods layout in a container

There are a number of requirements that are put forward for the loading of goods:

  • a cargo should be placed so that there is no displacement from the centre of the block across the length and width;
  • one half of a container should not account for more than 60% of the total mass of the product;
  • rigid fixation of goods with nails and staples is prohibited – only chains, boundary shields, stop bars, partitions, intermediate flooring are allowed;
  • the heavy cargo is placed in the centre on the floor of a container;
  • products should not squeeze out the doors and generally come into contact with them.

Loading of a cargo into a container also provides for compliance with a load of 1 sq. cm and the permissible weight of one package. If we load products of different shapes, we pack them properly and secure them separately. During the use of special machinery, our employees make sure that the load from one wheel with a load does not exceed 2,785 kg per one centimetre.


Convenience for our customers

Contact the managers of our Company and place an order. Provide the documents and your cargo to the employees of our Company, and we will take care of the rest. We will prepare documents as soon as possible.


High professionalism

The employees of our Company have extensive experience, which helps us to accomplish tasks of any complexity. We will help you to save money in the cargo transporting across the border.


Moderate rates

The cost of services provide by our Company is at the most affordable level. We will help companies engaged in international cargo transportation to optimize the costs of cargo customs clearance.

P&B Terminal is a reliable partner that provides a whole range of logistics services, and not just container loading. You can be sure that your goods will leave our terminal on time and be delivered to their place of destination.



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