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Companies that provide cargo transportation services handle containers regularly. This service can be ordered from our Company as well.

Having the necessary set of machinery and tools, we will render such a service quickly and efficiently, which allows the customer to save time and deliver goods in the shortest possible time.

Container handling

Container handling in P&B Terminal

Features of container handling at the terminal of P&B Terminal»

The terminal is also engaged in the acceptance and shipment of containers. Employees of the Company inspect the integrity of the machinery, handling operations and transfer of a cargo to a place of its temporary storage.

Container cargo packing

All products are placed and secured in a container in accordance with the applicable regulations. They are aimed at eliminating the damage to goods during transportation and delivering the goods in apparent good order and condition.

Container unloading

We transport goods from a container to a storage location using our special machinery and equipment. Thus, we save the customer’s time.

Container storage

The area of our terminal allows us to store all types of containers. We will help customers of the service to optimize their costs and capabilities.

Features of container handling

Container handling is a complex and multi-level process, which affects the entire cargo transportation service significantly. After all, the time required for a container to arrive to a customer depends on how it will be received, where it will be placed for storage and how quickly it will be loaded onto a vehicle. Due to the fact that the employees of our Company have the necessary experience and knowledge, and the terminal is equipped with the necessary machinery, we will handle containers quickly and efficiently.

Guarded container sites of open and closed types with CCTV monitoring are at the disposal of customers of P&B Terminal. The developed infrastructure of the warehouse complex will help to move goods quickly, without any additional steps involved in such a chain. This distinguishes our terminal from many others offering similar services.

Advantages of hiring our Company

The container handling procedure is necessary when you transport your goods by various types of transport. If your company is engaged in cargo transportation, then contact our Company to handle containers and prepare the required documents.

Thanks to the convenient location of the terminal, we are an important transport hub located on the cargo route to Europe and the CIS countries. We will help you to handle containers after unloading.


Convenient services

It is enough to contact us and choose the type of a service you need and we will do the rest.


Professionalism of employees

Our experienced staff will perform work of any complexity. The necessary machinery and equipment are available to automate container handling processes.


Affordable rates

We provide the most favourable rates for companies involved in international cargo transportation, so you can increase your profits with our help.

Container handling is a responsible operation that could be properly carries out by experienced professionals only. Since we have all the required machinery and equipment, we will complete the tasks with high quality and in the shortest possible time.

Contact P&B Terminal to handle containers in a certified company. We will carry out the established operating procedures for structures used in international cargo transportation.