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In case of transporting a small amount of goods, in order not to send the transport unloaded to the destination point, cargo consolidation is used, which is a combination of consignments of goods to move along an identical or similar route.

Receiving such a service from P&B Terminal, a customer can significantly optimize its expenses. We will pick up loads of several customers and send them on one trip. By ordering such a service in our Company, you will receive fast delivery of your goods at the most affordable cost.

Cargo consolidation

Features of consolidation

In logistics, «consolidation» means consolidation of several consignments and shipment thereof by one vehicle. Comparing to conventional cargo transportation, delivery with cargo consolidation will cost 2-3 times cheaper.

It is difficult to transport perishables in this way, since it can take several days to combine several consignments of goods. However, modern warehouses have the necessary conditions for storing various goods (including temperature environments). Warehouses of P&B Terminal are just like that.

When ordering cargo consolidation in our Company, you can supplement the service with warehousing operations:

  • marking;
  • labelling;
  • packaging;
  • palletizing, etc.

The technology of consolidating goods into one batch is used in both B2B and B2C segments. It is beneficial to use it in the following cases.

When it is necessary to send several small consignments to customers. If this requires one direction, then the goods are combined and transported at affordable prices. In this case, the entire amount is paid by several customers.

When a warehouse is used as a pick-up point. We provide our premises to work with product consumers. In this case, it is cost-efficient to deliver the cargo in one batch, whereafter issue it to the final customer on the spot.

Advantages of hiring our Company

Our terminal is located at the Freeport of Riga. This place is a transportation hub connecting marine, motor, rail and air vehicles.

We help our customers to deliver any cargo at an affordable price. We provide warehouse storage services, carry out handling operations. We deliver goods in any direction due to an extensive partner network and cooperation with many companies.

  • We use all types of transport. We carry out cargo transportation by sea and air, road and rail.
  • We guarantee high speed of delivery and reasonable prices. Due to the large cargo turnover, we are ready to deliver consolidated cargoes faster and cheaper than most companies operating in the cargo transportation market in Russia, the CIS countries and Europe.
  • We store your goods in our own warehouses during consolidation. All premises are equipped with modern equipment to store all products, including perishables.

Low cost

We offer moderate rates and high speed of delivery. Thanks to partnerships with large cargo companies and competent marketing, the cost of services offered by our Company is lower than that of most competitors.


Convenient access roads

All conditions for fast and safe loading and unloading of vehicles have been created in our terminal. We have all the machinery necessary to transfer cargo as quickly as possible.


Customs brokerage services

We will issue the documents necessary for customs clearance of cargo transported across borders. All operations will be carried out with minimal customer involvement. We will help our customers to save their time.


Quality services

We offer a personal manager who will be responsible for the cargo information support.

Do you want to deliver your goods quickly and safely? We offer our services for consolidation and transportation of products to Russia, the CIS and EU countries. We guarantee high quality and affordable rates.



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