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We provide cargo handling services: consolidated, oversized, hazardous cargo. The convenient location of the terminal and the equipping of the warehouse with modern special equipment are the conditions that P&B Terminal has for fast and high-quality work.

Cargo handling

Features of cargo handling

Our terminal is located at the Freeport of Riga. We work with all types of products.

Terminal cargo handling is carried out in several stages:

  • vehicle arrival to the terminal;
  • cargo unloading and handling for further shipment;
  • taking the cargo to a place of temporary storage or loading;
  • removal of products packed and ready for further service.

Cargoes traveling across the border need customs clearance. We will handle this work – we will allow products to pass customs control quickly and at favourable prices. 

Advantages of cargo handling done by our Company

Our facilities are located in a convenient location. The Freeport of Riga is a leading transportation hub in Europe. We carry out cargo handling for further transportation of goods to Russia, European countries and the CIS countries.

  • We guarantee high speed of work. We will perform the acceptance, transfer and loading of goods due to the availability of automated systems in the shortest possible time.
  • We provide additional services. Any products can be repackaged and labelled. We comply with all requirements and standards during placement of goods in a vehicle.
  • We provide areas for temporary storage. It is not always possible to ship the goods to the customer after their handling. Space is sometimes required to store consignments. We will provide our guarded warehouse complex. All cargo will be stored in accordance with the conditions required.

The terminal complex is equipped with automated cargo handling systems, which make it possible to speed up the process of sorting and consolidation of products for their subsequent shipment. Also, we offer cross-docking services required for the fast transfer of goods between vehicles.

We work with all types of cargo transportation: by road, rail, sea and air. We guarantee fast delivery of products in the right direction due to cooperation with leading companies providing international cargo transportation.


Large storage facilities with convenient access

We provide comfortable transhipment and cargo consolidation.


Work with all types of transport

We carry out one-stage transhipment from marine transport to motor transport.


High speed of delivery

With our help, you can reduce the delivery time by 30%.


Reduction in logistics costs

We carry out one-time or regular delivery of goods at the most affordable rates.


Fast cargo processing

We will help you to mark and execute documents in the shortest possible time.


Employees of P&B Terminal will place goods on a pallet and pack them with plastic wrap. If additional protection is required, a container is supplied with an additional crate. The boards will prevent mechanical damage to goods during their transportation by road or rail. In some cases, it is advisable to pack with cardboard or foamed plastic. All work is carried out automatically with minimal human involvement in the process.

Why do our customers trust us?

The Company’s customers receive quality service at an affordable cost when they order the cargo handling service. We are engaged not only in receiving and moving the cargo, but also in preparing the required documents. In case of international transportation, we will help to optimize the processes of transportation of consignments across the border.

Do you want to optimize your costs and save time on cargo handling? Please contact our Company. We will provide the necessary solutions for unloading, moving and loading the goods onto vehicles. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.



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