P&B Terminal - Service of cargo handling


Own customs warehouse in Freeport of Riga territory

provides services for the handling of transit, export
and European cargoes, pallets and containers


Service of pallet handlingService of container handlingService of cargo handling

Service of cargo handling

Cargo consolidation - obtaining various goods in separate batches, storage and processing for further transportation.

Cross-docking – receiving and reloading goods through the warehouse directly, without placing in the retention zone, when the cargo from one mode of transport is overloaded on another mode of transport.

Handling of combined cargoes - receiving combined cargo and transportation to different recipients or receiving from different senders and unloading to one consignee.

Service of accountancy and sorting, annotation pasting.

Storage of special and non-standard cargoes such as oversized cargoes, also including new and used cars and other mode of technique.

Reports on quantity and damage check-up.

Loading and reloading of other type of transport.